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Certificate course in plastics Processing ( 6 Month)

This course content is designed for understanding of plastic materials, their properties and their suitability for various applications. Review of plastics materials including Commodity Thermoplastics and Engineering & Speciality plastics are described. After materials review the course describe the introduces the Plastics Processing Technology in general and detailed study on Injection Moulding Technology, extrusion processes and Blow moulding Techniques.

Certificate course in Advanced Plastics Processing ( 6 Month)

This course introduces the common plastics manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, thermoforming, and rotational moulding. The course gives details of influence of design aspects of screw, barrel, hopper, nozzle, side feeder, etc. on the conveyance, melting, devolatilization, injection, etc. it also gives an account of processing parameters on mouldings including heating and cooling in plastics processing. Description on extrusion, blow moulding, thermoforming processing parameters on product manufacturing. mixing with single screws and compounding with twin screw extruders. This course also covers fundamentals of die designs, advanced moulding processes such as multi-shot, multi-layer and gas assist injection moulding and film stretching.

Certificate course in Injection moulding Technology ( 3 Month)

This course is an overview of the injection moulding industry-its productivity; utilization; and yield -as well as an introductory discussion of applicable materials for injection moulding, the theories of plastication and morphology, and the industrial standards used to specify the types of injection moulding machinery, safety considerations, and recent innovations in injection moulding processing technologies. Detailed description on design on machine components and their influence on processing is given in the course. The influence of processing parameters on the quality of moulded components is also discussed.

Certificate course in Extrusion Processing ( 3 Month)

This course provides a fundamental approach to various kind of extrusion process in the polymer industry. This course will include the discussions of basic principles, plastics materials for extrusion, various extruder types and method of extrusion viz. single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, Film extrusion, Sheet extrusion, pipe & profile extrusion, extrusion coating, monofilament extrusion etc. and also provide practical training aims at giving applied knowledge on polymers, processes, machines related to theoretical education for understanding and troubleshooting in extrusion process. In addition to the main goal of providing technical control of plastics extrusion processing techniques, candidates will gain an overview of the plastics extrusion industry, allowing them to better understand production-type problems, to develop appropriate solutions, and to take novel decisions for process improvement.

Certificate course in Blow Moulding and Thermoforming Process ( 3 Month)

The course presents the basic theoretical elements & in depth understanding in blow moulding and thermoforming processes. Candidates will learn about the function of each component of the thermoforming line, plastic behaviour during the forming process, sheet extrusion fundamentals, how to optimize operating controls, safety around thermoforming machinery and thermoforming for maximum efficiency and profit. Also the candidate will able to know about the various blow moulding processing techniques and able to choose the right processing conditions depending on Materials, parison programming, part quality, troubleshoot techniques, Application, Machine Adjustment and Cycle Optimization. The candidates gain an understanding of the properties of various materials and how those properties come into play when the material is processed.

Certificate course in Basics of the CNC Machining, Milling & Turning ( 6 Month)

This course will teach the basic understanding of a CNC control as well as tooling used on CNC machines and hands-on experience on a machine tool with a CNC control. The course covers the basics of Conventional Milling & Turning machines, construction, maintenance, startup and operation of CNC Milling and Turning equipment as well as tool presetting and probing, part probing, ATC setup and utilization, basics of NC machine tools, G-codes, M-codes, Part Programming, application of different cycles.

Certificate course in CNC Programming Operations ( 3 Month)

The course is focussed on developing an in-depth understanding of the science and methodology used in CNC Milling & Turning machines. The course covers an overview of the CNC Technology, basics of NC machine tools, coordinate data input, NC program formatting and layout, G-codes, M-codes, Part Programming, Conversational Programming, Introduction to CAM Programming.

Certificate course in Mould & Die Making ( 6 Month)

This course will present the modern manufacturing techniques including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programming and Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) software. The course includes engineering drawing, design layout, mould technology, plastics processing techniques, mould and dies assembly, CAD, advanced CNC machining process, maintenance of moulds & dies.

Certificate course in Polymer Testing and Characterization ( 6 Month)

The course provides an overview of the polymer properties that are essential for designing the plastics products, specifying the material to be used, carrying out quality control on finished products, failure analysis and for understanding the structure and behaviour of new materials. The course covers the basic principles, techniques, and equipment for commonly-used mechanical and analytical tests on polymeric materials: physical testing, chemical testing, thermal testing, mechanical testing, electrical testing & aging testing.

Certificate course in Biodegradable polymers ( 6 Month)

The course will teach the wide range of biopolymers & biodegradable polymers such as agro polymers & Bio-polyesters, principles of biodegradability of polymers, various types of polymerization, general characteristics of biodegradable polymers, degradation properties, biodegradation mechanism, methods of studying polymer degradation, conversion/processing techniques, biodegradability & compostability testing, test methods (ASTM & ISO standards), aerobic & anaerobic, components of compostability and applications.

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