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Certificate course in Extrusion Processing ( 3 Month)

This course provides a fundamental approach to various kind of extrusion process in the polymer industry. This course will include the discussions of basic principles, plastics materials for extrusion, various extruder types and method of extrusion viz. single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, Film extrusion, Sheet extrusion, pipe & profile extrusion, extrusion coating, monofilament extrusion etc. and also provide practical training aims at giving applied knowledge on polymers, processes, machines related to theoretical education for understanding and troubleshooting in extrusion process. In addition to the main goal of providing technical control of plastics extrusion processing techniques, candidates will gain an overview of the plastics extrusion industry, allowing them to better understand production-type problems, to develop appropriate solutions, and to take novel decisions for process improvement.

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